Orphan Girl, 2014. paper collage on mat board, 5 in x 8 in

Personal growth with SoulCollage® cards

Making SoulCollage® cards, we shift from being solely in our heads to that intuitive space that allows us to respond without concern for 'rightness' or other judgments. The tactile experience of making cards — choosing images, and handling, cutting, arranging each element — becomes a meditative, relaxing practice. 

Handling your evolving SoulCollage® deck is gratifying, each small, flat surface containing unique aspects of you. Aesthetically, they can be delightful and deep, clarifying and calming. Instead of looking to a commercial tarot deck, great satisfaction, enjoyment and accessing your own deep wisdom come from making your personal deck.

Reading our cards can open us to greater honesty and gentleness with ourselves, to seeing our strengths and shadows with greater balance and perspective . We may gain insight into relationships past and present, with those living and passed. Know yourself more fully, claim your tribe, nurture and encourage your best self through your SoulCollage® deck and practice..

Join an intimate, non-competitive SoulCollage® Workshop

Create your SoulCollage®  deck in a safe, judgment-free creative space using intuitive collage and free-writing in a relaxed, supportive workshop,

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Mare Johnston, SoulCollage® Facilitator